wisdom + protection sumol+compal


We believe that the sustainability of our business is undeniably linked to the quality and motivation of our teams. So at SUMOL+COMPAL we are committed to ensure a safe, informal and pleasant working environment, to keep the company attractive and to promote the development of all our employees as we believe that only then can we continue to attract and retain the talent and expertise to overcome our challenges as fast and effectively as usual. Our Values, Code of Conduct and Corporate Governance Policy are instilled in our employees, frequently shared with clients and suppliers and translate our desire to be increasingly encompassed within a framework of integrated sustainability.


In parallel, we also want to be aligned with social expectations. By creating positive synergies throughout its value chain, SUMOL+COMPAL contributes positively to the social progress of the communities of which it is part. We regularly support different causes of particular importance to the company and we constantly invest in innovation and scientific development that will allow us to compete to promote healthy lifestyles.