wisdom + protection sumol+compal


“Business cannot succeed in societies that fail.” (Björn Stigson, President of WBCSD, 2006)


At SUMOL+COMPAL, we are fully aware of the mutual dependency that exists between our company and the community we are part of.


The two organisations that gave rise to SUMOL+COMPAL – Sumolis and Compal – have always been very active in terms of corporate responsibility in areas as different as support for our employees and their families, the creation of a good working environment, support for the local community, the promotion of healthy lifestyles and the management of natural resources.


Today, in an increasingly globalised world, our emphasis is increasingly on creating economic value for SUMOL+COMPAL with a model of responsible management, contributing voluntarily to social and environmental wellbeing.


We see sustainability as a source of opportunities to foster the lasting growth of the SUMOL+COMPAL business and regard every challenge as a catalyst for continuous improvement in what we do. We seek every day to reduce our environmental footprint, empower our employees and support the positive development of the community of which we are part while innovating to satisfy our stakeholders and responding to an ever more competitive market.


Under the motto “Sustentare o FUTURO”, our Sustainability Strategy is based on three core pillars – people (social), planet (environmental) and profit (economic) – which set out the priorities of what we do and establish goals that will guide us in the coming years.


We know that it is in our nature to leave a sustainable legacy for future generations that also pays tribute to those who came before us and through their work contributed to reaching where we have got to today.