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Supplier Code of Conduct

SUMOL+COMPAL is a highly regarded international company which is concerned about ensuring a sustainable future in all aspects. In that sense, SUMOL+COMPAL’s suppliers are invited to subscribe to this document and to commit to the principles contained within it.


By accepting this Code, suppliers recognise that all current and future agreements, contracts and commercial relations with SUMOL+COMPAL will be subject to the provisions contained within it.




  • Compliance with the applicable legislation and rules


In their business dealings, suppliers must comply with the applicable legislation and rules in force in all their relations with SUMOL+COMPAL.



  • Ethics in negotiations


SUMOL+COMPAL aims to treat all suppliers fairly and expects that its suppliers demonstrate the same high ethical standards and conduct all their business transactions with integrity, accuracy and impartiality in the aim of obtaining mutual benefits.

In all their activities, suppliers may never offer or promise any personal or improper advantage, of whatever kind, to obtain or maintain a deal, benefits or advantages in exchange for the preferential treatment of SUMOL+COMPAL’s employees.



  • Environment


OSUMOL+COMPAL’s suppliers must comply with the legislation in force, as well as comply with international environmental protection standards.

SUMOL+COMPAL’s suppliers must conduct their business in an environmentally conscious and respectful manner in an attempt to minimise the negative impacts of their operations at all times.



  • Compliance


SUMOL+COMPAL has the right to verify, at any moment, whether its suppliers are complying with this Code, namely by means of questionnaires and audits.

Failure to comply with any of the aforementioned principles shall result in the rectification of the breach. If the rectification is not made by a determined deadline, it may lead to the cancelling of orders underway or even the termination of the contract.

It is each supplier’s responsibility to ensure that its workers and representatives are familiar with and understand this Supplier Code of Conduct and that they act in compliance with it in their relations with SUMOL+COMPAL.



  • Workers


SUMOL+COMPAL respects human rights and in that light seeks to ensure that its suppliers comply with international standards relating to occupational health, safety and hygiene.

SUMOL+COMPAL's suppliers may not therefore make discrimination of any kind when hiring based on race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability or origin.

Suppliers must pay employees suitable wages and set hours that comply with applicable legislation, as well as, where applicable, provide suitable accommodation.

SUMOL+COMPAL is against the use of child and/or forced labour, as well as all other forms of abusive labour.



  • Product quality and safety


All products and services provided by suppliers must comply with the quality and safety standards demanded by current legislation. Said products must also comply with the quality requirements established by SUMOL+COMPAL.



  • Confidential/exclusive information


Suppliers must respect the intellectual property, business secrets and other confidential information obtained as a result of their relationship with SUMOL+COMPAL.