wisdom + protection sumol+compal


The creation of economic value is undoubtedly the first goal and responsibility of any company, and therefore it is the basis of the sustainability of SUMOL+COMPAL. It assumes the creation of profit by sustainable means and integrated into our social and environmental commitments, which ensures the growth of our business in the short, medium and long term.


Integrating social and environmental concerns into a single strategy, we seek to focus our activity on developing external markets (30% of our sales in over 70 countries and two production plants outside Portugal) and we constantly invest in innovation and the development of new concepts and products (every year we test over 400 new formulations using over 80 different fruit; we innovate in packaging and also in the permanent modernisation of internal and external processes to obtain gains in efficiency). In this way, we ensure the trust and satisfaction of all our stakeholders, which translates into the healthy reputation of our brands and the company itself.


We want to extend our leadership of the non-alcoholic drinks market in Portugal and be a leading international company.


Creating shared value is an imperative for SUMOL+COMPAL