wisdom + protection sumol+compal

Values & Commitments


  • + Passion and ambition

    We love our business, our brands and what we do. We are committed to SUMOL+COMPAL. We want to keep doing better. We improve continuously and we think positively

  • + Results

    We are results-oriented. We set targets and endeavour to reach them. We are proactive and action-oriented.

  • + Innovation

    We do things differently and better. We take risks. We are enterprising.

  • + Team

    We like working as a team. Cohesion enhances performance. We achieve better results when we work as a team.

  • + Integrity

    We respect people. We fulfil our commitments and follow the rules. Everything we do, we do with integrity.



  • + Shareholders and Others Investors

    Create value, inform and pay appropriately

  • + Employees

    Motivate, develop potential and compensate appropriately

  • + Communities

    Contribute to its sustainability

  • + Partners (Customers, Suppliers, Financial Institutions and Universities)

    Privilege and Develop stable relationships

  • + Consumers

    Understanding, providing satisfaction and promoting your well-being

  • Governmental, Regulatory and Sectoral Entities

    Collaborate and promote the competitiveness of the sector

  • + Competitors

    Respect and promote fair competition

  • + Media

    Share information and collaborate