Compal Summo
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Compal Summo is a new generation of juices, made from 100% fruit pulp and with no concentrate – just squeezed fruit. Nothing except fruit. With four flavours – pear, peach, red fruits and orange – and no added sugar, Summo is fresher and more natural. And in addition to these properties is a design that emphasises the naturalness of this new juice.


It’s truly natural

Compal J&N

For over 60 years, we have scoured the world in search of the best fruit to ensure the finest flavour in every drop of our juices and nectars. We keep a close eye on the fruit as it matures and select it at exactly the right moment. It is always rich in nutrients and has a flavour like no other. And it’s no coincidence. The result is delicious juices and nectars with the aroma of freshly-picked fruit. Our products are made of pure squeezed fruit and the only additives are passion and knowledge.
Some call it art, science and ideology. We call it fruitology.
Juices and nectars for different tastes and needs, the product of constant innovation…