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Pepsi Cola is a carbonated soft drink made from vegetable extracts. It is widely and successfully associated with major international music and football stars to strengthen young people’s connection to the brand.

In August 1898, one of Caleb D. Bradham’s experiments with a combination of water, sugar, vanilla, rare oils and kola nut was given the name Pepsi-Cola. The brand was registered by the U.S. Patent Office in 1903 and it was launched in Portugal in 1977.

Pepsi is available in individual (200ml, 300ml, 330ml and 500ml) and family-size (1.5-litre and 2-litre) containers and in formats exclusive to the catering trade (by the glass).


  • Pepsi Twist


Pepsi Twist is a lemon-flavoured Pepsi positioned as a refreshing, fun and original drink for anyone who wants an alternative to traditional colas. Pepsi Twist is a unique and innovative drink with a simple and appealing concept that meets a demand that already exists.
Pepsi Twist first appeared in 2001 but was launched to huge public success in 50 countries around the world in 2002.
This new Pepsi concept boosted the brand as a whole, with the Pepsi brand growing 4 times more quickly in those countries where it was launched than in those where it wasn’t.
Pepsi Twist arrived in Portugal in April 2003, the same year it was launched in countries where the Pepsi brand has a strong market penetration, such as France, Italy, Israel and Egypt.
Pepsi Twist, the first lemon-flavoured cola, is available in individual (330ml) and family-size (1.5-litre) containers.


  • Pepsi Light


Pepsi Light is a sugar-free carbonated soft drink made from vegetable extracts with a light and refreshing taste and calories.
Pepsi Light was launched in 1964 as Diet Pepsi, the first ever American diet soft drink.
Pepsi Light is available in individual (330ml) and family-size (1.5-litre) containers.


  • Pepsi MAX


Pepsi MAX was launched in Portugal as Pepsi MAX®, a daring and authentic drink proposing a new full-flavour sugar-free Pepsi-cola variant. Pepsi MAX® aims to be the best option for a sugar-free refreshing beverage.
Sold in various countries around the world, Pepsi MAX® introduced a new concept into the Pepsi range when it arrived in Portugal that satisfied the growing local trend for sugar-free products.
Pepsi MAX® is the brand’s main focus in Portugal where we believe it will be very successful as it has been in all other markets where it has been launched.
Pepsi MAX® can be found at all the usual retail outlets (hypermarkets, supermarkets and HoReCa channel) and is available in individual (330ml) and family-size (2-litre) containers.