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Contagious Energy

Gatorade is a drink made of water, mineral salts (sodium, potassium and magnesium) and carbohydrates (6%).

Gatorade’s formula and flavour were developed to stimulate the continued intake of liquids, helping the body to reach a perfect state of hydration quickly by adding the exact quantity of carbohydrates.

No other drink can hydrate, give energy and quench the thirst better than Gatorade!

In 1965, a team of researchers from the University of Florida developed Gatorade with the aim of helping an American football team called the Florida Gators combat dehydration issues and, consequently, the fall in performance felt by the team after half time. Gatorade’s effectiveness was proven by the various sweat, stamina and endurance tests conducted by the Gatorade Sports Science Institute (GSSI) and some of the best athletes in the world.

The world’s most popular sports drink can be bought in Portugal in orange, lemon and raspberry flavours and is available in individual containers (500ml).