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It’s truly natural

Compal brand

In 1952, in Entroncamento, a small town in Portugal, a company was created by a group of entrepreneurs and farmers whose aim was to make, package and sell natural products to people everywhere.
Originally conceived as a tomato derivatives company, it diversified and nos anos 60 que in the 60s launched its first juices: initially just orange flavour followed by rocha pear, peach and apricot.
Compal is today acknowledged as quintessentially Portuguese. It is profoundly admired by Portuguese consumers, for its knowledge of fruit, its close ties to its growers, and its passion for nature which colour the way it does things in each container of juice, nectar, fruit pulps, tomato pulp and legumes. Compal is also a benchmark in terms of innovation, quality and renewed tradition.


  • “Compal Fruitology” kiosk


A magical place where we create freshly squeezed natural juices.
We take the finest fruit and add a generous portion of passion and curiosity to create the best recipes available every day to the most demanding consumers.
At Time Out Market (Mercado da Ribeira), Lisbon.