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Internship Programmes

To ensure the sustained growth of the business, the company requires employees with the necessary skills to attain its strategic goals. It is therefore crucial that we attract, retain and develop young people with high potential.

SUMOL+COMPAL's various internship programmes aim to attract recent graduates and develop in them the skills we believe are drivers of the business in the hope of obtaining high performing professionals familiar with the values of the company and oriented towards our expertise who can contribute actively to the future of the organisation.

Three types of internship exist. Each has a different ethos but all have the common goal of creating the conditions to ensure the organisation’s competitiveness in the labour market and at the same time to raise the level of training and experience amongst young managers and technical staff.

1. Academic Internships
Part of the curriculum of a higher educational course (bachelor’s degree or baccalaureate) or professional course (vocational college), they require an internship protocol to be established with the respective educational institution. The length of the internship may vary.

2. Professional Internships
Internship programme for recent graduates creating opportunities to develop key skills across a number of areas, and improving interaction between the various functional areas, promoting the dissemination and sharing of the organisation’s culture and values.

3. Trainee Programmes
Specific programmes designed to equip high-potential recent graduates with operational know-how and an in-depth understanding about the business to create a source of potential employees who can be integrated into different functional areas of the organisation.


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